Friday, September 10, 2010

Connection Problem to Livestream using Sun Broadband

I’ve seen Livestream broadcast using Smartbro from the Celebration of Life service for Dr. Luis Pantoja Jr. the other week and thinking of the Sun Broadband can also do the same.
We attempted to do it once before during our high school batch reunion but the signal of Sun is terrible in Taguig where our event was held.  Last night, Anvil Business Club had for its guest speaker the former country manager of Procter & Gamble Philippines, Johnip Cua.  Since I had my MSI Wind and the Sun Broadband usb dongle, I thought to give it a try.  The event was held at the Astoria Plaza Hotel in Ortigas so the signal was fairly good.  I got a steady blue light on the dongle.
I was able to connect to the Livestream website but when I tried to setup a channel, I got a black screen.   I thought it might have to do with the browser as I was using Google Chrome and so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox there and installed.  I would guess the problem might be the speed as even downloading Firefox which initially was estimated at 2 minutes took more than 10 last night. I tried some speed tests and I got a download speed of .63mbps to Metro Manila which points to SkyBroadband and .23mbps to Texas.
I guess Sun Broadband is not yet cut out for heavy duty usage like video streaming.