Sunday, January 4, 2009

You can’t lie to your mom…

While having lunch the other day, my son was complaining that his neck was hurting.  So my wife touched his neck and was checking where the pain was.  My son said that it was hurting from the left side of the neck up to his head while chewing.
A little while, I got a pack of chicharon and he saw it and also asked for some.  My wife agreed saying lets try a theory.
Giving a piece of the fried pork skin, my son was happily chewing it, then my wife asked if the neck is still hurting.  My son said, it doesn’t hurt.  He said with a smile, ” It only hurts while chewing rice.”
How many times have we tried to lie to our mothers or fathers when we want something.  Many times, we think we can fool them or that we were able to get away with it.  But very often, they already know what we were thinking or planning.  They have this uncanny sixth sense of knowing we are telling the truth or not.  On the other hand, if we do get away it this time, sooner or later, they’ll find out.
Parents are not born yesterday.  Just because they may not be that knowledgeable about new trends or technical stuff doesn’t mean they don’t know something. They have been young once.  So anything we think, they may already have done it themselves.  If not, they may already have heard it from their friends and relatives, or read something about it somewhere.
History repeats itself because we never learned from it.  Something that just popped into our mind may be new. But just because it was something new that we thought of doesn’t mean it has not happened before.
So the next time you try to fool your mom, try and think again.
God bless you.