Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home work, journals, blogs and twitter

We attended the Parent-Teacher Conference at my son’s school last week. We had a good feedback on Mikmik’s development.
Part of the discussion, we asked what activities the school is giving to the students and how they are being taught. We are partly worried because whenever my son comes home from school and we ask him what he learned, he usually says nothing.
One of the developments that they teacher will be encouraging is giving of home assignments to the students and study guides so the parents can keep track of what to review when the students go home. One of the recommended activities is the keeping of a journal which will also help develop writing and expression for the student.
This reminded me about blogging and thought that what if instead of using a notebook for the journal, to use the internet to post the blog. But then again, we’re talking about a 5 year old. And also I remembered a comment by someone on CNN that blogs are so 2002. It seems twitters is the rage now a days.